About Us

Our History

Family owned and operated, Cardinal Point Vineyard and Winery lies in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge, in the shadow of Afton Mountain. Years ago, while stationed in the small city of Bad Kreuznach, Germany on the banks of the Nahe River, Paul and Ruth Gorman discovered a passion for the Riesling wines that were crafted with care in the little vineyards surrounding the town. It was then and there that they decided to add their own vineyard to their retirement plans.

In 1985, Paul retired from the army, and they moved to their farm in Afton, which they called Cardinal Point. Their first order of business was to install the first four acres — two acres each of Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon — on what is now Cardinal Point Vineyard. While eldest son John oversaw the renovation of the old farmhouse on the property, daughter Sarah and youngest son Tim tended the vines while home from school during the summers.

Tim took over as full-time Vineyard Manager in 1989, and has grown the Vineyard to 15 acres, supporting a variety of vinifera. In 2002, Paul and Ruth finally realized their dream of erecting a winery on the premises. Tim now adds winemaking to his farm duties, and the rest of the family share responsibilities in the enterprise. John, an architect, designed the winery buildings; Sarah handles business concerns; and Tim’s wife, Susan, runs the tasting room.

The Gormans invite you to come and visit them in the tasting room, take a tour of the winery and see the vineyards that produce their delicious wines. While you sample the fruits of their labors, they’ll tell you how Cardinal Point got its name, and the meaning of “These are my credentials” on the bottle.

Our Winemaker


Although time spent living abroad in France and Germany during his formative years certainly influenced his deep appreciation of fine wines and food, Tim Gorman proudly claims his spot as one of the few Virginia-born and educated winemakers in our area. Tim started tending the family vineyard in 1986, shortly after graduating from James Madison University. In 1991, he enrolled at Virginia Tech to learn more about the science of growing grapes used for winemaking. He received a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, cum laude, in 1993.

After his time at Tech, Tim returned to the vineyard and began experimenting with trellising systems, as well as adding acreage and more varietals to the Cardinal Point estate. Over the next ten years, Tim gained a reputation as an expert and innovator in his field. He served as president of the Virginia Vineyards Association from 2000 to 2002, and was appointed to the Governor’s Wine Study Commission.

In 2002, the Gorman family decided to open their own winery. Tim’s years in the vineyard as a respected grape producer have served him well as Winemaker at Cardinal Point. The quality of the grapes has everything to do with the quality of the wine, and his award-winning vintages are evidence of his skill both as a grower and as a vintner. He looks forward to discussing his wines and answering your questions when you visit.