Fall 2020 Select Six

Hi Co-op Members,

It’s Tim, your winemaker. I won’t take too much time rehashing the past year as, for the most part, it’s not worth revisiting. The pandemic, a wicked late frost in May, and August rains kept all of us somber and humble around Cardinal Point. Those late season rains slowed or even stopped the fruit maturation causing harvest to stretch well into October. Some fruit was good, other fruit needed a new plan. Honestly, the wines coming out of 2020 are exciting, to me anyway. With a reduced crop and less than ideal grapes, experimentation was the “go to” regimen for a lot of the fruit hitting our crush pad. There will be some cool wines in the near future!! But, in the meantime, I’m here to introduce and describe your Fall 2020 CPV Co-op Select Six! This one features four brand new releases (three from the excellent ’19 vintage) and a couple of favorites. Some of these wines will never be offered for tastings to the public and will sell out to only you, our treasured co-op members.

2019 A6 | $30.00

So it’s been a minute since we’ve made a new A6 (2016?), but this is A NEW A6! As usual, this is a blend of Viognier and Chardonnay with the Viognier portion barreled and the Chardonnay kept in steel to achieve length on the finish. Unlike past A6’s, though, this Viognier was fermented like a red wine, with the skins and seeds in the fermenter (search: orange wine). This was to extract more of the fruit and white tannin from berries and build more depth and body in the wine. Mission accomplished! This complex wine is rich, oily, fruit-driven, and chewy. The wonderful Viognier tannins play well with the viscous mouthfeel. The wine is aggressive at first, but smooths out in the glass when French oak notes show and the Chardonnay finish lingers. Drink now or cellar this for many years. This wine will keep evolving.

2019 Aubaine | $24.00

It’s been much longer since we’ve released an Aubaine. Our last vintage was a 2004. I wonder how many co-op members recall that one? Aubaine, for those who don’t know, is a French synonym for Chardonnay. They actually have a LOT of words for this renowned grape, at least a page full of them. I chose Aubaine, pretty randomly, just to differentiate our oaked Chardonnay from our steel Chardonnay wines. Essentially, a Cardinal Point Aubaine is a steel fermented and aged Chardonnay that has not gone through a secondary malo-lactic ferment (typical in barrel). This one adheres to those rules. This wine was first stabulated (raw juice tickled for extra flavor/aroma/complexity prior to primary fermentation) and the result is Chablis-like: Firm acid and flinty mineral notes tie this clean and elegant steely wine together.

2019 Quattro | $20.00

Annually our best selling wine, 2019 was a super vintage as this Quattro shows. This is a blend of four varieties: Riesling, Gewurtzträminer, Traminette, and Viognier. The Riesling is the major character pushing lemon/citrus and honey flavors, the Gewurtzträminer and Traminette add spice and depth, with the Viognier lending a hint of apricot. There’s sweetness, and it’s enjoyable on its own but also pairs with many foods from sausages to spicy Thai cuisine.

2018 St. Rosé | $23.00

This Cabernet Franc-based rosé is drinking very well. We say Saint Rosé, but the “St.” stands for stabulation (see Aubaine) which adds layers of depth and much more interest to the bouquet. Great bottle for the Thanksgiving table. We saved the very last of this popular wine just for our Co-Op members. After this shipment, we are sold-out!

2020 Nouveau Red | $18.00

Our annual homage to Beaujolais nouveau, this one is mostly from the grape variety Tannat, with a little Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It’s a little petulant with CO2 from having just completed carbonic maceration and fermentation. There’s a lot going on in this fresh, fruity seasonal wine. The Nouveau is meant to be drunk a little chilled and consumed early, but this one should last in the bottle for a while, too. The past few vintages are still tasting great and fresh. Tasting notes: Strawberries, raspberries, round, raw, natural.

2019 Cab F + Vio. | $32.00

We only make this during exceptional harvests. It started as a co-pigment fermentation experiment to see if more color could be extracted from the C. Franc fruit if tannic-laden Viognier berries were added to the vat. The color extracted tends to vary from vintage to vintage, but the resultant wine has become a team favorite. I think of it as elegant in structure like a red Burgundy, the queen of wine. This wine is a pretty garnet red with sweetness in the bouquet. It is fruity without being jammy. Has firm, present tannins in structure. This was barreled for a year in French oak. Try it now, or lay it down… this is another wine that will really improve in the cellar. Full disclosure, we made an obnoxiously small amount of this wine, so, if you like it, buy more now or it will be gone. Tasting notes: red fruit, berry fruit, hint of apricot, black peppercorn.

Lastly, thank you so much for continuing to support Cardinal Point. We are, like most of you, in uncharted waters— business-wise and everyday life-wise. We look forward to getting back to normal operations some day soon, but we feel so thankful for our great customers, friends, and co-op members who have complied with changing protocols to keep us all safe and still viable. We like what we do and hope to keep it up. I hope our wine gives you joy in return.

See you around the winery.

Tim Gorman, Winemaker and Vineyard Manager

LoveWorks at Cardinal Point

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